Chesney Fireplaces in Southport

"chesney fireplace liverpool"At the Fireplace Studio Chesney Fireplaces in Southport is a regular request from our customers Chesney is one the most popular fireplaces bought at our showroom, this is especially the case for customers with period properties, whether it’s Victorian, Edwardian or Regency the range is considerable and much sought after.

In Southport Chesney Fireplaces are not the only items sought after, the Chesney range also lends itself to Solid Fuel Heating which is on the increase  at the moment. The main reason for this is with the never ending energy price increases solid fuel is becoming a popular alternative to the common source of heat.

With Chesney Fireplaces in Southport being requested on more frequent basis, the same could be said for all are other manufacturers and thankfully having a purpose built showroom, this allows us to carry and display a fantastic range of fireplaces both traditional and contemporary, gas and wood stoves and gas & electric alternatives. So don’t delay come and visit us today!!

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