Designer Fireplaces in Liverpool

Had a busy time at our showroom this weekend, with a number of people looking for Designer Fireplaces in Liverpool¬† this seems to be an increasingly popular option for a number of our customers. At Fireplace Studio we stock several of the major manufacturers, more and more people are looking for something a little different. In Liverpool Designer Fireplaces allow the customer to create the fireplace of their choice to fit exactly with the design of their home and once we have worked out the logistics of fitting and installing the fire, there isn’t much we aren’t able to achieve, in fact we love the challenge of bespoke fires. Whether we are installing Designer Fireplaces in Liverpool or anywhere else for that matter, with close consultation with our clients along with the involvement of our experienced fitting and installation team at the preliminary stages, this ensures we work to an agreed budget and time scales, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

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