Gas and Wood Stoves Southport

Gas and Wood stoves Southport

We had a call to our offices regarding Gas and Wood Stoves Southport from a property developer who has one or two houses which he was looking to install either kind of stoves in after nearly completing the renovations. We were happy to oblige and suggested he pop down to our Aintree showroom for a more detailed look at our extensive range of stoves we display and sell.

Whether it is Southport or any other location, we do encourage customers alike to call in and look in person at our gas and wood stoves. With a friendly atmosphere and staff eager to offer their knowledge on any question regarding a purchase, we do offer a relaxed sales environment at our showroom. Built on over 25 years’ expertise within the field, we feel we are perfectly in place to offer a comprehensive service to all who come through the door.

With the gas and wood stoves Southport enquiry, the gentleman in question came down to see our range and we were able to advise him on what we felt would be the right purchase. He was looking at more contemporary stoves in keeping with the modern take on the properties he had renovated. With all our range, they are manufactured using only the finest freshly mined iron ore which gives them a far superior finish as well as attractive styling and superb practicality.. Happily the customer was suitably impressed and chose from our Chesney range to be fitted at the properties. Another satisfied customer!

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