Gas and Wood Stoves Liverpool

Gas and Wood Stoves Liverpool



We had an enquiry come through about Gas and Wood Stoves Liverpool from a lady in the city. She was keen to find out what range we had after finding us on the Internet and being impressed with reviews made by exiting customers. In particular she wanted advise on having a wood stove as that was her preference. Naturally, we were happy to advise her on what we thought would be the best purchase for her. Our staff were in hand to guide her through our range.

If its Liverpool or anywhere else in the vicinity asking about gas and wood stoves, we always recommend you come down to our fantastic showroom to get a first hand look at the extensive range we supply.Our purpose built showroom really is a joy to experience and is easily one of the most impressive in all the North West! With friendly and efficient staff, we are always happy to welcome you along and help you every step of the way with your purchase.

In terms of the gas and wood stoves Liverpool enquiry, we explaines that all our range of stoves are made using only the finest freshly mined iron ore which gives a rather superior finish; combined with attractive styling and superb practicality. In particular we explained to the lady that wood stoves are far more efficient than open fires and timber is some 30% cheaper than gas and oil. Add to this the fact they are environmentally friendly-wood is a carbon neutral fuel-and efficiency can operate at 75%, the choice of a wood burning stove is a really attractive proposition.

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