Solid Fuels Southport

Solid Fuels Southport

We have had an enquiry regarding Solid Fuels Southport from a couple who were looking to replace their existing open fire with a more economical and modern appliance. They were interested in wood burning stoves and had come across our name while searching on the Internet. The open fire they had was now becoming a chore to keep clean and maintain; coupled with the fact they were having problems with their chimney! It was evident they needed a solution fast and we were more than happy to assist.

Whether we receive an enquiry from Southport for solid fuels or anywhere in the Merseyside/Cheshire area, you can be assured we will give our 100% in providing you with the best service around. With our wealth of experience-25 years fitting and supplying-we are more than capable of offering perfect solutions to each and everyone of our customers. For us, its about satisfaction; measured through the level of service we provide through attention to detail, reliability and providing cost effective solutions.

With the solid fuels Southport enquiry, we have run through the many attributes a wood burning stove has to offer. Not only are they more efficient than an open fire, the price of timber is typically 30% cheaper than gas and oil. With it being a sealed unit it is naturally cleaner and safer; coupled with the heat radiated from the body of the stove, stays in the room. In addition our wood burning stoves are environmentally friendly, offer long burn times with minimal ash created and operate with a 75% in efficiency; 5 times more than am open side fire!


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