Wood Stoves Maghull

Wood Stoves Maghull

At The Fireplace Studio we get many calls for Wood Stoves Maghull from new and existing customers who want to benefit from the advantages a conventional wood burning stove can offer. We offer a truly amazing range of wood burning stoves-by leading manufacturers like Stovax, Gazco, Faber and so on-all beautifully displayed at our impressive ‘purpose built’ showroom’.

Whether you are from Maghull and its your first foray into wood stoves, you can rest assured our team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals will be able to guide you into finding the right wood stove to suit your specific requirements. Whatever your taste and budget requirements, we are confident we have the right product to perfectly compliment your home.

With wood stoves Maghull, the benefits of installing a wood stove -as opposed to a gas alternative-are attractive. Aesthetically pleasing on the eye, they offer a cosy, warm feel to your surroundings while they are highly efficient-operating with 75% efficiency with only 25 % of the heat generated being lost up a chimney-and in addition, being much cheaper to run than gas, oil or electric heating systems.


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