Jetmaster Fires Wirral

Jetmaster Fires Wirral


Right now at the Fireplace Studio, we have the superb Jetmaster Fires Wirral range for your pleasure. Established since 1951, this well renowned manufacturer of distinctive fireplaces is at the forefront of technology, innovation and design with its exceptional fires and stoves. Whats more, The Fireplace Studio have Jetmaster fires -right now-at their impressive purpose built showroom; where you can peruse leading brands from a company with over 25 years’ experience in the business.

Throughout the Wirral for Jetmaster fires, at The Fireplace Studio, you will be assisted in your purchase by dedicated, professional sales people who have only your best interests at heart. With an enviable reputation for quality products-from all the major brand leaders-dealing with The Fireplace Studio is always a pleasant experience which will leave you totally satisfied and pleased you have chosen them as your preferred choice!

With Jetmaster fires Wirral, you can benefit from their unique “two-way heating system” which re-directs heat-that would normally go up the chimney-back into the room; both as a radiant heat and gently circulating convective heat. Extremely efficient, a Jetmaster fire will warm a room in no time at all, with a bigger flame and a ‘smoke free’ environment. So, when looking for a Jetmaster Fire, don’t hesitate to contact The Fireplace Studio or pop along to their superb showroom where the welcome will be as ‘warm’ as the fires they display!

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