What to Consider When Choosing Multifuel Stoves in Rainford

multifuelIf you are considering having multifuel stoves in Rainford installed, be aware that you have multiple options. It only follows that you need to carefully consider each one in order to choose the fireplace that is the best and the most ideal for you and your home. It is, therefore, a very good idea to do your research in advance, as well as assess the needs of your home, to ensure that you pick the most appropriate one. Choosing a reputable company to install your fireplace is also a major factor.

In Rainford, the best multifuel stoves are supplied and installed by The Fireplace Studio. Having been in the business for 25 years, they are undoubtedly amongst the most experienced and most reputed companies in the industry. They have a very extensive range of stoves and fireplaces. One popular option is the wood burning stove. As the name suggests, this stove utilises wood, which makes it not only a stylish option, but a practical one, as well. Wood burning stoves are known to be a lot more efficient than open fires, and are very environmentally friendly. The use of timber, instead of gas and oil, will save you as much as 30%. They also offer gas burning stoves that provide efficient gas heating by simply using the latest technology in gas heating. Lastly, they offer the latest in electric fires from the leading and most renowned brands in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Indeed, when it comes to multifuel stoves in Rainford, The Fireplace Studio is well ahead of the game. Apart from functionality, you can also work with them to come up with the best fireplace and stove to match your home’s aesthetics. Their showroom features various contemporary designs that use different materials, such as granite, stone, stainless steel, and alloy. They also have traditional or period fireplaces that would effortlessly match your Edwardian, Georgian, or Victorian aesthetics. You can even talk to them about having bespoke fireplaces designed especially for you. So if you already have a vision of what your fireplace should look like, contact The Fireplace Studio so they can make it happen.

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