About Multifuel Stoves in Sefton

Multifuel Stoves in Sefton If you are searching for multifuel stoves in Sefton you need to visit us at The Fireplace Studio. We have had more than 25 years’ experience in supplying and fitting quality fireplaces. We supply a wide selection of fire places and stoves in traditional and contemporary styles in addition to various mantles. We also respond to a number of enquiries each week.

In Sefton, multifuel stoves were the subject of an enquiry from a client who wanted to know both what they were and what the advantages of them are. As with wood burning or gas options, these stoves combine practicality with attractive styling. Like all stoves, they will add to the warmth, atmosphere and value of your home. Multifuel stoves are in fact not new at all and we in the UK have used them since the 19th century. The term “multifuel” refers to the ability of the stove to burn several different kinds of fuel. Specifically, these stoves can burn wood in addition to coal, wood pellets, or even peat (one of the very earliest form of fuel for fires). Contemporary multifuel stoves most often burn either wood or a smokeless fuel, both of which very effectively heat the home and are also an excellent alternative in a world that is increasingly demanding green and less costly ways to heat homes and water and cook meals. If you are concerned about your home’s carbon footprint using a multifuel stove will reduce it. Many of our customers also find that fuel for these stoves costs less than either electric or gas heating. In addition, they are now available in a diverse range of designs so that each customer is likely to find one that is perfect for his or her home.

Multifuel stoves in Sefton from The Fireplace Studio will significantly enhance your home’s comfort and atmosphere. Visit our showroom or call us today!

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