Wood Burners in Birkenhead

Wood Burners in BirkenheadMany customers prefer wood burners in Birkenhead because they believe they are more cost-effective and safer than coal fires. And if you are in the market for a new wood burner, you will  find one at The Fireplace Studio as they have a large selection of styles and sizes to choose from. If you have already chosen your stove but you want to make sure that it serves you for a long time, then you will have it regularly maintained so that it is always efficient and safe. One of the first steps is to sweep the chimney right before winter and after to get rid of the soot and other build-up.

In Birkenhead, wood burners should be fueled with the best kind of wood that will last the longest. When a client called the company asking them about the types of wood that are ideal to use, he was informed that he should avoid green wood as it contains a high level of moisture. The staff member added that one of the best woods that the client could get would be hardwood as it is denser and will burn the longest. He also recommended that the client consider seasoned wood logs, that is, wood that has been dried and has the least amount of moisture. When there is moisture in the wood, it will be boiled away before the fire burns the wood, thus reducing the capacity of the fire and the net energy released. Wet logs are not ideal for your wood burning stove and to avoid this issue, you could either buy seasoned logs or buy green wood and let it dry before you use it.

Buying wood burners in Birkenhead is the right step if you want to have a cost-effective heating system, however, depending on the types of wood that you use, you will either derive maximum use from it or you will ruin the stove. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimum use. If you have any further enquiries about wood burners, do not hesitate to contact The Fireplace Studio.

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