Barbas Wood Burning Stoves in Birkenhead

Barbas Wood Burning Stoves in BirkenheadThe warmth generated by a Barbas wood burning stove in Birkenhead is sustainable. The company made the effort to research the combustion process, which led to optimal management of wood use. The research has led to a more efficient use of wood with lower emissions. Wood burning stoves sold by The Fireplace Studio are manufactured from iron ore. Wood burning stoves are ecologically friendly. The durability of a Barbas cast iron wood burning stove is indisputable. With a little care, it will last a lifetime. That has been the plan of Barbas since its inception in 1976. Barbas is a top rated brand in wood burning stoves. Their products are known for efficiency, strength and good looks.

In Birkenhead, Barbas wood burning stoves give a sustained even warmth. Although not an open fire, wood fires are more efficient and likely safer than open fires. If you have a free source for seasoned wood, a wood burner is ideal because you pay nothing for fuel.  Even if you do have to buy the wood, it still costs 30% less than gas and oil. The closed glass door on wood burners means they burn with 75% efficiency. The other 25% goes up the chimney. However, an open fire sends 80% up the chimney. Closed fires burn longer as well. Clean, untreated seasoned timber is a carbon neutral fuel. Burning it sends no pollutants or toxins into the environment.

The staff at The Fireplace Studio will introduce you to our selection of Barbas wood burning stoves in Birkenhead. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to answer question from our customers. The Fireplace Studio does not just sell Barbas wood burning stoves at competitive prices they install them as well. Their fitters have a collective experience of fifty years. All necessary materials, as well as labour is included in the installation of wood burners. Customers receive a safety certification when installation is complete. The Fireplace Studio has been in business over 25 years. They offer the finest brands, the friendliest customer service and the most professional fire installation of any fireplace company in the whole North West of England. For more information regarding Barbas wood burning stoves, contact The Fireplace Studio.

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