Traditional Fireplaces in Sefton

Traditional Fireplaces in Sefton Traditional fireplaces in Sefton are still a wonderful source of supplementary heat, and with their modern-day assortment of features and attractive styles, it is not too difficult selecting the one that will suit your home perfectly. Traditional fireplaces from The Fireplace Studio offer a wonderful selection of traditional fireplace combinations to suit your interiors. They have been inspired by the classic designs of Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian fireplaces and you can take your pick from marble, limestone, wooden and traditional cast iron – whatever takes your fancy. Decorating the mantel must also be done properly as it can have a huge architectural impact on the overall look and feel of a room. The Fireplace Studio will gladly add a fireplace to your home which is going to increase its resale value immediately. These fireplaces often involve electricity or gas so it is a wise move to consult with experts such as The Fireplace Studio to install your fireplace for you.

In Sefton, traditional fireplaces are varied, but most people still love the traditional wood-burning models because of that awesome smell of burning wood. These kind of traditional fireplaces are typically made from brick or stone. Whatever your choice, The Fireplace Studio supplies and fits their quality fireplaces and wood burning stoves in Liverpool, Southport and Wirral as well as other areas. With their more than 25 years’ experience in fireplaces, you can be sure that your traditional and contemporary styles will be superbly installed. Why not call in at their showroom in Liverpool and get the perfect example of what you’re after? You can chat to an expert on your exact requirements and pick up loads of useful advice and information.

When selecting traditional fireplaces in Sefton, you also get a complete installation service. The Fireside Studio uses gas safe gas installers to fit their gas fires. With traditional fireplaces from top brands such as Chesney’s as well as expertise from a long-standing fireplace company, you’ll be encouraged to know you’ve discovered the best. For more information about traditional fireplaces, contact The Fireplace Studio.

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