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traditional fireplaces in LythamThe Fireplace Studio has all the latest modern and contemporary designs but if you are in the market for traditional fireplaces in Lytham, our selections are impressive. If your home was built more than forty or fifty years ago then the minimalist hole in the wall gas fire will not suit the design of your home. The black cast iron fireplaces, so similar to the old coal stoves once used to heat homes, might work if yours is a country style home of any age. For the older traditional home a traditional fireplace will blend so well everyone will think it was built with the home. If you are fortunate enough to require such a fireplace we have several designs perfect for homes dating back through the centuries.

On display in The Fireplace Studio showroom we offer traditional fireplaces reminiscent of those from Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian period homes. We believe that for modern homes in Lytham traditional fireplaces would add a touch of elegance without causing a design culture clash. Essentially, traditional fireplaces could be a design asset in any style home. Our collection of classic marble in all its hues or pure white is timeless and elegant. Some are plain in design and others quite elaborate. Our limestone selections range from rustic to classic that looks so wonderful with an impressive raised hearth. The warmth and glow of wooden fireplaces made from fine seasoned timber blends into those high-ceilinged rooms all trimmed out in matching natural or painted wood.

We do not just sell traditional fireplaces in Lytham. We also custom design and install them so the finished product is perfect and exactly the way you envisioned it. Contact Fireplace Studio or visit our showroom and let our staff show you all the possibilities from which to choose your traditional fireplace. We are happy to answer your questions and educate you on the benefits of each material so you can decide which is right for your home. Most all of our fireplace designs can be scaled up or down to fit your space. Our installers are all experienced and certified Gas Safe professionals. They can help you find the best place in your home to install your gorgeous traditional fireplace.

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