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Bespoke Fireplaces in ScarisbrickBespoke fireplaces in Scarisbrick are never a problem for us at The Fireplace Studio. We have a wide selection of fireplaces on display in our showroom from which most find their perfect design. However, we understand while many designs may come close to what you want, each may be just a bit off. You should have what you want. It’s your house, your fireplace and you are going to be living with it and paying for it. So talk to us about what you have in mind and work with our gifted design team until the exact fireplace you want presents itself. We will use that design to create a bespoke fireplace that will meet your specifications. It will be created from the materials you request and fit the space where you envision it should be.

Our customers have a choice of wood burning, gas or electric fires. That is why, in Scarisbrick, bespoke fireplaces are necessary for some customers. Not all homes can accommodate wood fireplaces, or gas lines but almost all can accommodate electric. Your home may accommodate the fittings for gas or wood fireplaces but not in the space where you dream your fireplace should be. You may have a huge space in a large room you want filled with a traditional fireplace complete with sturdy brass andirons, formidable cast iron grate, deep raised and tiled hearth and rustic mantle. We can do that and hide the electronic ignition to start the fire and the ash pit into which ashes can be swept for easy removal. Or, we could put a small hole-in-the -wall contemporary fire in your bedroom.

When The Fireplace Studio designs your bespoke fireplaces the installation is also bespoke. All of our installations are bespoke because no two installations are the same. All include the flue, liners and chimney shroud if required for your type of fireplace. Contact The Fireplace Studio or stop by and visit our showroom. You will likely find something close to or exactly what you want. We have over decades of experience and safety comes first for us. All of our installers are Gas Safe and Hetas certified. Upon completion of your fireplace installation our customers receive our certification which is also registered with the government.

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