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Barbas Wood Burning Stoves in ParboldBarbas wood burning stoves in Parbold are on display and available for sale and installation at The Fireplace Studio. Wood burning stoves are part of a growing trend toward sustainable fuel that is economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. By focusing on the combustion process, researchers now achieve lower emissions and greater burn efficiency with modern wood stoves. Unlike the one in great-grandma’s kitchen that consumed wood at a rapid rate, Barbas wood burners can save you money while keeping you warm. Save even more if you have access to seasoned wood. Turn your whole house heating thermostat down to a comfortable sleeping temperature early in the evening and spend those hours warm and cosy with your wood burning stove.

For many of us, the smell of burning wood triggers the release of those feel good endorphins in our brains. For those in Parbold, Barbas wood burning stoves may bring back memories of unity with family and friends shared around a campfire, the fun of summer camp, raking leaves in the Autumn and Christmas morning. Bring the warmth and memories into your home with one of our charming Barbas wood burning stoves. It will quickly become the focal point for lazy mornings and relaxing evenings. The Barbas ECO line of wood burners is an excellent choice for your home focal point. It’s available in classic, contemporary and rustic designs in cast iron or soapstone for even convection heat. Or ask to see the Box, Barbas’ latest wood burning stove design.

The Fireplace Studio has a wonderful showroom where our customers can see Barbas wood burning stoves in Parbold. Ours is a familiar business in this area for over 25 years. We depend on quality brand manufacturers and professional local installation for the finest products and customer service. Contact The Fireplace Studio and bring your questions to our attentive staff. We are focused on safety above all else which is why we follow a strict safety policy for installation. The stove installation is registered with the government and our customers receive a safety registration. We offer those certifications with confidence that your wood burning stove will give many years of safe heating for your home.

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