Wood Burning Stoves in Lathom

Wood Burning Stoves in LathomWhen it comes to purchasing wood burning stoves in Lathom, there are a few things to consider. Usually, the most important factor is how it compares to other stove types. This could be in terms of fuel efficiency, ease of installation and the overall result of burning the chosen fuel. Wood stoves are beneficial in that they are environmentally friendly. They make for far more efficient open fires in that they provide your home with a carbon neutral heat source. As it is a renewable source of energy, it makes it much easier to source than gas. Using seasoned wood provides a higher heat output than freshly felled timber. The best-made wood stoves offer a long burn time that creates minimal ash, therefore less time needed to clean up the stove.

At The Fireplace Studio, we are conversant in all things wood stoves, as well as other fireplace preferences. In Lathom, wood burning stoves are manufactured using the finest freshly mined iron ore, resulting in a much more superior finish. For more than 25 years, we have been supplying and fitting fireplaces in various capacities both in the domestic and commercial sector. Whether you want a more traditional style or prefer to go for a contemporary design, we have something that is bound to suit your tastes. We have available a wide range of mantels that come in various materials such as marble limestone and even wood. When it comes to wood stoves, you’ll enjoy equipment that operates at 75% efficiency. This means there is minimal heat loss that goes through the chimney, so you can enjoy a warm room without burning through excessive fuel.

Whether it’s wood burning stoves in Lathom that you’re after, or are looking for a fireplace that will be a unique piece to your home, the team at The Fireplace Studio is ready and happy to be of service. Contact us today and we’ll pair you with the product that is perfect for you. Should you have the time, feel free to come by our showroom and see exactly what it is we have in store for you.


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