Fireplaces in Lathom

Fireplaces in LathomGet expert advice when you are getting your new gas or wood fireplaces in Lathom from The Fireplace Studio. We have a large selection of the best-branded fireplaces, and if you are looking for something tailored to your needs, rest assured that we are fully qualified to build you a fireplace from scratch. There are important factors to consider when you are buying a fireplace, and since there are some areas in the UK that are smoke-controlled or have strict rules, it’s always best to make sure you are buying a fireplace that is compliant with your regional laws.

Fireplaces are wonderful if you are looking for a warm feature to add to your living room or even bedroom. In Lathom, fireplaces can significantly increase the mood and ambience of the house during the colder days. And with the right fireplace, the market value of your property can increase as well. One of the reasons you should get your fireplace from The Fireplace Studio is our dedication to each customer, offering them a complete service from the moment they walk through our doors until the installation of the fireplace. You will find a fantastic range of fireplaces, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles and designs. We also supply one of the largest classical marble and limestone fireplaces, accompanied by cast iron and accessories. We undertake all fitting and installation projects ourselves, from start until completion, including standard and bespoke fittings. Our main concern is the safety of our clients, and that’s the reason we only hire staff members with the required skills and certifications. We have very strict health and safety codes both in the showroom and on-site.

We provide a friendly and efficient service, and for amazing fireplaces in Lathom, don’t hesitate to visit our showroom. We have different types of fireplaces and stoves on display, and if you need assistance or help, our staff members will be glad to oblige. For more details about our range of fireplaces, contact us today. We have over 50 years of experience in the trade, and you can always count on us for professional tips and guidance.

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