Electric Fires in Parbold, Affordable and Easy to Use

Electric Fires in Atherton

electric fires in ParboldElectric fires in Parbold is the solution for many who want a fireplace but think they can’t have one. If there is a fireplace in a leased unit, it’s likely the landlord will not allow its use due to the risk of fire and increased insurance premiums. Many homes may not have a chimney or adequate venting for either a wood or gas fire. They can be installed but there is the added cost and space on an outside wall may not be suitable. Where would you get wood even if you could haul it?  Maybe you really enjoy a fire but you have little time for sitting around. Electric fires solve all those problems. In addition, we have a huge selection of beautiful mantles for every style and size home that will fit around an electric firebox. 

New technology is great and when applied to the appearance of an electric fire, it’s magical. In Parbold, electric fire realism is enhanced by the warmth. The level of heat is easily controlled and you can do it with a remote. Or, you can enjoy a fire with no heat. Here’s how a busy person can enjoy an electric fire. Remember, the gorgeous mantle adds to the ambiance of the room and the fire comforts. So, you might get up each morning, grab your newspaper and coffee and curl up in your favourite chair. A flick of the remote and you have a beautiful fire, with or without heat.

You don’t have to worry about hot coals or venting toxic gasses. In the evening, switch your coffee for a glass of wine and your newspaper for your favourite T.V. show or a good book. It’s a perfect way to start and end the day. You might want an electric fire in your bedroom for lazy weekend mornings and cold winter nights. With electric fires, all the joy is yours without the fuss. Contact The Fireplace Studio for more about our electric fires. Every mantle you see can be custom fitted for your space. They are quite affordable to purchase and to operate. Plus, there are no installation costs. Just plug it in and turn it on and relax. 

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