Choose Wood Burning Stoves in Aintree for Long Cosy Winter Nights

Log Burning Stoves in Kirkby

Wood Burning Stoves in Aintree Get ready for long, cosy winter nights around one of our beautiful wood burning stoves in Aintree. We welcome you to have a look at our comprehensive selection of stoves, fireplaces and fires. We can also create bespoke products to match your style, needs, preferences and budget. Our highly trained, experienced and qualified team also provides expert installation services. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and we’re proud of our reputation for quality and sensible pricing. As a local enterprise, we maintain strong and enduring relationships in the communities we serve. Our client base extends throughout the Wirral, Liverpool and Stockport areas and beyond.

For our clients in Aintree, wood burning stoves use a variety of logs and wood chips as fuel. Though in modern homes fireplaces provide more of an aesthetic rather than essential function, they are a beautiful reminder of a nostalgic past. In practical terms, if you live in a heavily wooded area, you have access to wood that can be used in your stove. This means you have a practically unending and limitless source of fuel. You also need to check if your council regulations permit this method of heating/cooking. Locally sourced dead wood can be utilized to reduce the risk of forest fires. Burning wood is a lot cheaper than using gas or electricity and you can set a firm budget that doesn’t fluctuate with the rise and fall of market rates. You can also burn commercially available wood pellets that are more environmentally friendly and safer to use.

You can use the wood burning stoves in Aintree to supplement your heating system and save money on your utility bills. Contact The Fireplace Studio for more details. Our team can design the ventilation system to handle potential safety and pollution hazards. We have designed our fuel-efficient wood stoves to operate with nearly 75% efficiency so that just 25% of heat is lost up the chimney. This is a big saving when compared to open fires. Our stoves are manufactured from top-quality freshly mined iron ore that gives a beautiful finish, making the stove an eye-catching accessory in your room.

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