Gas and Wood Stoves Liverpool

Gas and Wodd Stove Liverpool

We have recently had another enquiry regarding Gas and Wood Stoves Liverpool from a couple who were interested in purchasing a new gas stove for their house. With our extensive range, we welcomed them to come down to our showroom in Aintree and we would guide them on the most suitable gas stove to choose from. Their requirement was for a stove that would add warmth and character to their living room.

In Liverpool and in the surrounding areas, we get many calls from people enquiring about gas and wood stoves. It gives us great pleasure to invite prospective customers down to our impressive showroom to get a feel for what we do. With our friendly and relaxed atmosphere, we always make every effort to put the customer at ease when they are show round. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we really do feel we can offer the best service around.

The couple who enquired about gas and wood stoves Liverpool were suitably impressed with the level of service they received when they visited our Aintree showroom this week. One of our sales representives was able to explain the extensive range of stoves we stock to them. They were happy to choose a Chesney gas stove which its design was certainly in keeping with what they wanted for their living room. Indeed, they were so pleased with the way they were dealt with at the showroom, they are going to recommend us to friends and family!

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