Designer Fireplaces In West Kirby

We have had an enquiry for Designer Fireplaces In West Kirby from a lady who was looking for a contemporary fireplace- as centrepiece- for her living room. She wanted a design that would befit the style of her house and one that was competitively priced. In particular she was interested in a ‘granite’ finished fireplace which she had noticed a friend of hers had. We were delighted she had contacted us and invited her down to look at our superb range in person.

Whether we get an enquiry in West Kirby for designer fireplaces or anywhere else on The Wirral/Merseyside, we always encourage potential new customers to come down and visit our superb purpose built showroom. Here they will find-at first hand-just what exciting ranges and offers we can supply. We truly believe you will find the’perfect’ fireplace for your home; with so much choice on offer.

With the designer fireplaces in West Kirby enquiry, the lady is coming down this week to our showroom; where she will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. They will be able to advise on all the ranges we provide, being both courteous and efficient in their approach. For those customer’s looking for something different, we have an amazing range of the most sought after designers including: Jasper Conran, Jane Churchill and Laura Ashley to name but a few! So don’t hesitate to get down to our showroom to see just what we can offer you at The Fireplace Studio.

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