Looking for Portway Stoves in Liverpool


When looking for Portway Stoves in Liverpool, visit the Fireplace Studio who have the widest range of Portway Stoves in the area. Portway are one of the leading manufacturers of wood burning and multi fuel burners. They are also very attractive and can really become the heart of the home in any contemporary or period style of home. At Fireplace Studio if you visit the extensive showroom you can see for yourself the beautiful available in Portway stoves.

Liverpool Portway Stoves are available and on show at The Fireplace Studio.  As well as being an attractive feature in your room, there a range of benefits to installing a wood burning stove not least the fact that they are usually around 30% or more cheaper than gas and oil and because you are burning wood on them rather than coal, it is classed as a carbon neutral fuel and does not damage the precious atmosphere.  The most effective fuel to burn is seasoned hardwood on them.

Portway Stoves in Liverpool are on display in the Fireplace Studio’s large showroom. There is almost no ash created in modern wood burning stoves such as Portway Stoves whilst they have been designed to offer the longest possible burn times. The design of the stoves ensures that the minimum of heat is lost, in fact over three quarters of the heat generated is kept within the stove to give your room a constant feeling of warmth, so visit their showroom now to take a look at the latest designs in Portway Stoves or call on  0151 523 6816.

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