Yeoman Gas Stoves In Southport

Yeoman Stoves In SouthportRecently we had an inquiry at The Fireplace Studio. The customer wanted to know if we have Yeoman Gas Stoves in Southport available for sale. We assured him that we certainly do carry this excellent brand of gas stove and invited him to drop by our store to see for himself the many sizes and designs available. He would not entertain the idea of purchasing a gas stove until we assured him that The Fireplace Studio would do the installation of the stove in his home.

Good news! In Southport, Yeoman gas stoves purchased from The Fireplace Studio will be installed by us. There’s no need to get your hands dirty! This was enough to convince the potential customer and he was ready to buy. We have an attractive variety of styles and sizes all expertly crafted from top quality iron ore. Having made the decision regarding size and style the conversation came back to safe installation. The gas stoves give living spaces a warm ambiance that relaxes our minds and bodies. They can also be very cost effective. Those benefits are missing if safe installation does not accompany the purchase of the stove.

A Yeoman gas stove in Southport that is purchased from The Fireplace Studio will be legally installed. We employ competent installers, registered by HETAS, the official body recognized by Government. Gas Safe also registers our installers so you know they have the appropriate technical and safety training. In addition, we use only Gas Safe fittings. Our new customer is warm, happy, and safe with his new gas stove. Would you like one? Contact us now.

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