Dealing With Your Multi Fuel Stove Enquiry in Wallasey

Multi Fuel Stove Enquiry In WallaseyHave you recently made a multi fuel stove enquiry in Wallasey? Most people end up paying too much for bad stoves or just cannot find something that fits their needs. Wood and gas burning stoves are not a rarity but finding something that gives you the kind of experience you want is quite difficult. With the right manufacturer and a great manufacturing process, you can really get a lot more oomph out of your fuel stoves than you could ever imagine.

In Wallasey, a multi fuel stove enquiry is normally handled by small manufacturers who, while traditional artisans, do not have the resources to provide you with some of the latest materials that are used to make your stoves more efficient. At The Fireplace Studio, we use materials like freshly mined iron-ore that gives your fuel stove a much better finish and it looks absolutely magnificent, sitting in your home. For those looking for a nice, efficient heating solution for their homes, we provide a fantastic range of wood burning stoves that lower your costs by up to 30%, when compared with gas or oil-burning models. In fact, there is very little waste or ash for you to clean out because our wood-burning stoves are designed to use the fuel more efficiently and cleanly.

Every multi fuel stove enquiry, in Wallasey, that we encounter, we hear almost the same thing – people are not happy with their open fireplaces because it just doesn’t do enough work, heating up their homes. They want a more efficient solution and let us tell you the most important thing you’ll need to know about fuel-burning stoves – only 25% heat is lost through the chimney, in fuel-burning stoves, which is an incredibly low number compared to the 80 to 85% that is lost through an open fireplace. From the best brand names in the gas-stove industry to one of the most efficient and gorgeous wood-burning stoves, The Fireplace Studio has it all and more! So the next time you are looking to replace your old stove or fireplace, think of the only place where you get the best materials, greater heating efficiency and lower lifetime-costs – The Fireplace Studio! Contact them today.

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