Looking for Multifiuel Stoves in Maghull?

Multifiuel Stoves in MaghullIf you’re looking for that authentic and rustic woodiness of a wood burning stove, and are looking for a supplier of multifuel stoves in Maghull, The Fireplace Studio is just the place to go to. The Fireplace Studio has been around for over 27 years and supplies and installs top of the range, high quality fireplaces and stoves. With excellent service and a great range, this company has been keeping homes in the UK warm for years.

If you live in Maghull, multifuel stoves are a great option to go for various reasons. They are eco-friendly, burn for longer, carbon neutral, create minimal ash and are extremely cost effective. Doesn’t this sound good? Multifuel stoves can operate on both wood and coal, so you can choose which option is best for you at any particular time, or any situation. The Fireplace Studio offers a range of top quality and beautifully designed stoves to choose from, and all you have to do is pop into their showroom to see the pride they take into crafting their designs. They also have a range of gas and wood burning stoves to choose from.

So, if you are shopping for multifuel stoves in the Maghull area, choose a firm that gives you a range of fireplaces and stoves, and who will do the installation for you. The advantages of using a multifuel stove are nothing short of noteworthy. Add to that aesthetic appeal that it will add to your home and you will see why multifuel stoves are becoming the popular choice. The Fireplace Studio is waiting to offer you their friendly services, so give them a call today! Ring The Fireplace Studio on 0151 523 6816.

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