Why choose Yeoman Gas Stoves in Formby?

Yeoman’s Gas Stoves in FormbyWhen deciding between a traditional wood burning fireplace and Yeoman gas stoves in Formby, the choice might seem confusing. However, as the concern for the environment continues to mount, more people are looking for more efficient, low-cost, and more natural sources of heat. Gas stoves are therefore definitely a better “natural” option. They have been in use for the last half of the century. So why should you consider a gas stove over a wood-burning one?

The Fireplace Studio often receives enquiries from customers about why Formby Yeoman gas stoves are a better alternative to wood-burning fireplaces. According to these experts, Yeoman’s gas stoves are more efficient than wood. The burn off from a gas stove is much cleaner than a wood stove, and there are fewer hassles to deal with in terms of clean up, i.e. ashes. Another appealing feature of a Yeoman’s gas stove is that the owner can exert more control over the fire. A gas stove can be operated in many ways such as with a timer or switch, a remote controller, and even a programmed thermostat. There are also flame control options and you can determine how long and how hot you would like your gas stove to burn. Yeoman’s gas stoves are also simpler to install. They can be buried into the wall, or built in a corner, or inserted into a fireplace mantel. There are several decorative designs that you can choose with stunning surrounds, trim kits, and customized louvers. You can also opt for a free-standing stove. Lastly, gas stoves are a dependable source of heat. They can help you save money on your heating bills. Moreover if there is a loss of electricity, you can easily use your gas stove as a source of heat.

If you are thinking about installing a gas stove, consider Yeoman gas stoves in Formby. At The Fireplace Studio you can visit their showroom and peruse through the different options you have in terms of style, design, and efficiency.

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