Wood Burners in Ainsdale

Wood burners in AinsdaleWood burners in Ainsdale conjures up visions of families gathered around the stone fireplace or the big black pot-bellied stove of yesteryear. We have central heat now so why are we still building fires in our living rooms? Gazing into flames on a cold winter night instills us with such peace. The campfire is always the highlight of camping trips. Perhaps the warming fire fills some primal need within us. Or maybe we just want to have an economical way to warm our home. Wood burners are perfect for that. If the family settles in one room with a wood stove each evening, the temperature can be turned down in unused rooms to sleeping temperature, saving energy.

In Ainsdale wood burners from The Fireplace Studio are an environmentally friendly home heating source leaving a net zero carbon footprint. Hardwood is most efficient because it burns longer and hotter than softwoods. Timber is about 30% cheaper than gas or oil. However, once you own a wood burner you will be alert to the many opportunities to secure free wood to burn. Of course, if you have access to a wooded area then owning and using a wood burner would make sense. Choosing a wood burning stove, which is a closed fire, is a more cost effective choice than an open fireplace. Wood burners operate around 75% efficiency whereas an open fireplace will lose up to 85% of the heat up the chimney.

Wood burners in Ainsdale from The Fireplace Studio are manufactured from durable Iron ore in a selection of sizes and designs. Installed free-standing, they can still be placed inside an existing fireplace opening with a surrounding mantle. A new mantle surround can be installed as well. There are many on display at The Fireplace Studio to suit modern or traditional homes. You will appreciate that their fitters are all Gas Safe & Hetas registered with many years of experience.Installations are complete with proper flue placement, liners and chimney breasts. Upon completion of the installation of your wood burning stove, The Fireplace Studio installers will issue a safety certification to you and any governing bodies. For information about wood burners, contact The Fireplace Studio.

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