Designer Fireplaces in Haydock

Designer fireplaces in HaydockDesigner fireplaces in Haydock are a useful and stunning addition to your home. The idea of cosying up in front of a fire becomes all the more inviting as the colder weather begins to set in. There are many benefits to having a fireplace in your home: keep warm and cosy during the winter season in an eco-friendly manner that cuts down on energy costs, you have a heat source while the power is out and you can even cook atop the fire should you be unable to use your oven. Having a fireplace also enables you to be more energy independent seeing as you won’t have to rely on energy facilities as much and if you live in a heavily wooded area or grow and harvest your own timber, you will have a freely accessible supply of firewood, providing you don’t harm the environment.

In Haydock, designer fireplaces at The Fireplace Studio are made from the finest quality materials. You can choose from contemporary and traditional fireplaces made from a variety of materials that include alloy, stone, granite, marble, wood, stainless steel and limestone. The contemporary fireplaces are more modern. The Fireplace Studio offer fireplaces from well-known designers such as Jasper Conran, Jane Churchill and Laura Ashley. If you have period interior decor then perhaps a classical Georgian, Elizabethan or Victorian inspired fireplace would be more suited for your home. These traditional fireplaces are designed to be elegant while being made in a traditional style with cast iron and wood.

The Fireplace Studio also provide designer fireplaces in Haydock that aren’t wood-burning. Electric fires are available for those who don’t have chimneys. This advance in technology enables you to keep the warmth benefits of a fireplace while not having to burn wood. The designer fireplace suites that are offered can also apply to electric fireplaces so that you can still add that finishing touch to your home. The company’s friendly staff are eager to help you decide on the fireplace that is ideal for your home. For a wide selection of designer fireplaces that are second to none, contact The Fireplace Studio and visit their showroom today!

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