Yeoman Gas Stoves in West Kirby

Yeoman gas stoves in West KirbyYeoman gas stoves in West Kirby are stunningly beautiful and very practical. They are avalable in cast iron or steel. The traditional style is on offer in six different styles but many different sizes. These can be suited to the size of your room. The contemporary stoves are modern and clean looking. The contemporary style also comes with a remote thermostatic control allowing you to adjust the heat of your stove to suit the ambient temperature. Gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels. It emits fewer harmful pollutants and does not release any ash. This makes it so much easier to clean than a wood burning stove.

In West Kirby, Yeoman gas stoves are all fitted with the latest high efficiency gas combustion system. This will provide exceptional heat output while using less gas than normal. The benefit of Yeoman gas stoves is that they can use natural gas or LPG. So if you are not connected to a natural gas company, it isn’t a problem. If you have a chimney, the vent can be placed up your existing chimney. Should you not have a chimney, your stove can have a flue installed that either exists though the ceiling or through the wall. This means that gas stoves can be used in any home or office.

Yeoman gas stoves in West Kirby are glass fronted to keep as much heat as possible radiating into your room. These stoves have up to 80% efficiency. This makes them far more efficient and cleaner than wood burning stoves and open fires. Everyone wants to be snug and warm when it turns chilly in the evenings or during the day. The most stylish way is to choose a gas stove as it will warm up your home and beautify it at the same time. Timeless elegance and efficient fuel usage together. What more could one ask for? For more information about Yeoman gas stoves, contact The Fireplace Studio.

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