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gas and wood stoves in AintreeAre you interested in gas and wood stoves in Aintree? Do you enjoy warming up in front of a cosy fire? Does the smell of burning wood remind you of your childhood days? These are definitely some of the emotional benefits of having a gas or wood stove in your home. Have you seriously given a thought to why these two types of stoves are actually beneficial? Wood stoves are more efficient than a typical open fire. The cost of wood is 30% less than oil or gas. Since wood is a carbon neutral fuel, they are environmentally friendly. A quality wood burning stove operates with 75% efficiency. Gas burning stoves are advantageous as well. Stoves that rely on this fuel operate on heat-efficient technology. Maintaining and installing this stove is easy. You do not have to deal with the mess of logs, soot or ashes. During a power failure, most gas fireplaces can be lit up naturally. In addition, they can be installed anywhere in the home.

If you reside in Aintree, gas and wood stoves are easy to find at The Fireplace Studio. We carry a range of wood burning and gas stoves that are second-to-none! At The Fireplace Studio, customers can expect to find some of the leading fireplace brands in the industry such as Chesneys, Faber, Gazco and Stovax. To get a hands-on demonstration of any type of fireplace and or to have all your “burning” questions answered, pay us a visit. As a company, we have more than 25 years of experience in fitting and supplying quality fireplaces, in both contemporary and traditional designs. You can also find a unique collection of reproduction mantels made from wood, limestone and marble. We also carry products such as arches, baskets, tiled inserts and cast-iron reproduction registers.

If you’re seriously interested in gas and wood stoves in Aintree, then contact or visit The Fireplace Studio today. Apart from carrying the best range of products, we have a reputation for providing a stellar customer service. Give us a call and get started on your dream fireplace!

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