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Yeoman Gas Stoves in ParboldYeoman gas stoves in Parbold can be very necessary at this time of year. The weather is getting colder and we all need a snug and warm home to come back to each evening. Cast iron gas stoves come in a number of different styles. There are a number of traditional design models and also contemporary models. They are stunningly well designed and look really beautiful. They are made in cast iron and steel and are exceptionally durable. Yeoman has been making gas stoves for over 25 years and offer a number of sizes of gas stove. Each stove has a limit as to the size of room that it will efficiently heat so the dimensions of the room must always be taken into account. Gas stoves are the most cost effective way to heat your home. They also emit far less particles than a wood burning stove.

When you are looking for warmth and beauty in Parbold, Yeoman gas stoves may have the elegant and sophisticated look you want. You do not only want a gorgeous fire, you also want it to heat the room and keep you warm.  The Yeoman gas stove does both of these and more. Some of the models come with a programmable thermostatic remote control system which allows you to adjust the temperature whenever you want to without having to get up.  Wood stoves were once used in all homes but with the introduction of gas the benefits became clear.  No soot or old ash to clean up and no smut making your home grubby. The gas stove is also far more efficient at delivering heat to your room.  Most of the heat in a wood burning fireplace goes up the chimney and not into the room.

Yeoman gas stoves in Parbold are a necessary part of your home. Contact The Fireplace Studio today for a quotation on a stunning new Yeoman gas stove. Our stoves are quick and easy to install. Our professional fitter will make sure that your new stove is safely and neatly installed exactly where you need it.

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