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Jetmaster Fires in BootleThe Fireplace Studio recreates outstanding fireplaces with Jetmaster fires in Bootle. The new models of Jetmaster allow the choice of ironbark logs, coal look strips or pebble. They look like solid fuel and heat like solid fuel with none of the drawbacks. There is no dirty logs, soot or ashes with these fireplaces. Starting a fire in a Jetmaster does not require wadded newspapers, dry kindling and a room full of backed-up smoke. The fires are clean and require no heavy lifting and no messy floors. With the flick of a remote control a lovely fire springs up and adds ambiance and heat to the room. When it’s time to say goodnight, there is no need to close a damper and stay awake until the fire dies out. Simply click the remote and the fire is safely out.

If you love the look of authentic fireplaces, you will appreciate our mantles at The Fireplace Studio. In Bootle, Jetmaster fires combined with one of our reproduction mantle styles will be the focal point of a room. It is the perfect functional ornamentation. From most any time period you choose we have reproduction mantles in popular, durable limestone, elegant marble and warm wood. You don’t have to wait for the castle to be torn down to snatch the ornamental fireplace mantle of your dreams. Our reproductions, even custom selections are far easier to get and they are in better condition. Choose from a selection of Jetmaster authentic gas flames.

You can see the selection and the differences in Jetmaster fires in Bootle by visiting our showroom at The Fireplace Studio. We are full service so count on us for guidance in choosing your Jetmaster fire, reproduction mantle and professional Gas Safe installation. All that’s left is learning to use the remote and we’ll show you how to do that. Contact The Fireplace Studio for the most authentic looking fireplace minus the dirt, hassle and fire hazard. We have a nice selection of accessories for your fireplace you might enjoy. Our installers are the best in the business and all of our work and products are guaranteed.

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