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Bespoke Fireplaces in West KirbyBespoke fireplaces in West Kirby can make a statement and create warmth in your home. We have the expertise and technology to turn your idea and design into a special, unique fireplace. If you are renovating a room in your home consider having a magnificent fireplace as one of your room features. We can calculate the size of the room and what size fireplace you need to heat it efficiently. Choosing the style is up to you and we have a number of starting points which you can put your own touches to.  Your first choice will be the fuel you will use as in some areas there are smoke free zones where you cannot use wood fires.

This is the time of year when you want to come home to a warm and snug house. In West Kirby, bespoke fireplaces can change the look and feel of your rooms. Some people prefer to have a fireplace in the living room and the bedroom.  Fires are comforting and heartening and lift the mood no matter the weather. This is frequently the time when depression creeps in with drizzle and cold all around but having a roaring fire will dismiss the blues in an instant. Gas fires are so well made these days that they are hard to tell apart from authentic wood fires. One of the benefits of gas is that there is no ash left over and the fire is instantly lit and hot.

We design, supply and fit bespoke fireplaces in West Kirby. Contact The Fireplace Studio today for all types of traditional and contemporary fireplaces. Our team has over 25 years’ experience in the supply and installation of high quality fireplaces of all types both traditional and contemporary. We supply wood burning stoves and fireplaces as well as gas and electric fires. Also on offer are the most beautiful range of reproduction cast Iron registers, tiled inserts, arches and baskets. Our reproduction mantles are made of marble, limestone and wood and are authentic for their period.

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