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Gas and Wood Stoves in LiverpoolWinter season is a good time to put your gas and wood stoves in Liverpool to good use. But why go for those as opposed to installing a generic heater and making due with it? These stoves not only add elegance but they have certain benefits that you may not have considered before. For example, wood is a renewable source, especially when obtained from plantations and cultivated woodland.  This means wood stoves are a far more efficient open fire. Secondly, they are environmentally friendly. Sourcing wood locally brings economic benefits to the community around you and reduces the carbon footprint. Seasoned hardwood burns more effectively when used in wood burning stoves. No smoke is produced and there will be little to no build up of soot or tar in your appliance’s flue. Using logs seasoned for two years or more helps to achieve a moisture content below 20%, so this will give up to twice the output of freshly felled timber. Lastly, timber in general is 30% cheaper than gas and oil so you’ll be saving a lot of money when using wood stoves.

If you live in Liverpool, gas and wood stoves of different kinds are on offer at the Fireplace Studio. In the case of gas stoves, adding them to your home will be just as advantageous. They operate on fuel, that is, natural gas or LPG and operate on heat-efficient technology. This means you won’t have to deal with extra cleaning that comes with handling logs. Many modern gas stoves are remote-controlled, providing a convenience from the switch of a button. You can ignite the stove, adjust the height of the flame or extinguish it completely all from the comfort of your chair. This means that the room will always be at your desired temperature.

Should you be interest in gas and wood stoves in Liverpool, contact The Fireplace Studio or visit our showroom. You’ll have an extensive variety of stoves to choose from, including gas stoves from brands such as Stovax, Gazco and Faber. We will advise you on the stove most suitable to you and provide installation solutions. We take safety seriously so you can rest assured you’ll be receiving only the best service from us.


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