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Faber in LitherlandOne of the great names in fireplaces, Faber in Litherland will add character as well as warmth to your home. Since 1844 Faber has been making quality fireplaces and stoves. These wonderful fires have a psychological effect on all who sit around them. From the first time man made a fire it meant security and warmth and it still has the same effect today. We offer a wide range of Faber products including gas, wood and electric fires. These beautiful fireplaces come in many different models. They can be built in or wall mounted, even freestanding to allow seating all around them. There are so many delightful designs that it is difficult to just choose one.  Luckily you can have a fireplace in any room in your house.

Romantic, enchanting and cosy are all used to describe a fire. In Litherland, Faber fireplaces are one of our best sellers. The art of making a practical and beautiful fireplace was developed over the last century and a half by Faber. We have over 25 years experience in helping customers find the perfect fireplace for their homes. All of our fireplaces are of the highest quality and are available in contemporary or traditional styles. We also provide a wide range of reproduction mantles in Marble, limestone and wood.  Our cast iron reproductions are ever popular and come with original tiled inserts, arches and a wide range of baskets.

We are always happy to welcome customers to view our fireplaces by Faber in Litherland. We have one of the best showrooms in our area with many varied styles and designs. We are sure that you will find one you will love. If not we can help you design a bespoke fireplace that will be made exclusively for your home. Contact The Fireplace Studio today or visit our extensive showroom to see the wide array of fireplaces we have in stock. We find that many people who live in smokeless zones still want a fire and this is where the gas and electric fires come into their own.

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