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Multi Fuel Fires in LythamMulti fuel fires in Lytham are one of the types of fireplaces The Fireplace Studio stocks and installs. If you don’t want gas or electric fire and you don’t live in the forest where wood is plentiful, consider a multi fuel. These stoves look like wood burners and in fact you can burn wood in them. However, you can also burn other fuel like coal, peat or wood pellets. Even if you run short of firewood, you can keep on hand and use alternative fuels. Multi fuel fires look like wood burners but there is more engineering that goes into them, enabling them to burn other fuels. That raises the price above an all wood fire but you always have fuel options and most of them are cheaper to acquire than good, dried firewood.

Our wood burning stoves are made from newly mined rather than recycled iron ore because newly mined has a more desirable finish. In Lytham, multi fuel fires look great in any room with or without an inset and mantle. If the stove ever wears out, it is recyclable. Wood burners are efficient fires and as long as the wood is untreated, it is a clean burning, efficient and renewable source of heat. Those who opt for the multi-fuel fire likely will burn wood most of the time. However, if they have a source of other fuel readily available they have the option to use it. Many of our customers like that flexibility. Multi-fuel fires are an ancient form of heat but new technology has made using them simpler and easier to clean. The design may be charmingly old fashioned but the use is more enjoyable.

For over twenty-five years we have been selling fine quality gas and electric fires along with multi fuel fires in Lytham. We have something for everyone and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our installers are among the best and all are our own employees. We like to maintain quality control every step of the way so we don’t outsource installations. If you have been thinking about purchasing a multi-fuel fire or want more information, contact us. Our staff is thoroughly familiar with all of our products.  We can answer your questions and advise you.

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