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Gazco in SkelmersdaleGazco in Skelmersdale is one of the top brands we carry at The Fireplace Studio. We are selective and carry only a few brands that through the years have proven exceptional at providing value for money. We’ve built our lasting company and highly rated customer service reputation on quality products, professional installations and knowledgeable customer service. Gazco is a leading European manufacturer of gas stoves and fireplaces. If you’ve been wanting to add a gas fire to your home we will need to inspect your home for placement because gas fires must have a flue and be vented for safety. All of our installers are Gas Safe certified and equipped to help you locate the best places in your home for your fireplace.

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful fireplace as a room centerpiece? In Skelmersdale Gazco fireplace inserts compliment any mantle or surround that appeals to you. Traditional, Victorian or modern; we have them all on display at The Fireplace Studio. It’s amazing how much you have from which to select but possible none are just right. That’s okay because we can customise most any of our fireplaces. The amount and type of ornamentation is always optional. If you see one you love but it’s too large for your space, we can scale it back to fit without losing its charm. . Natural wood or stone from delicate to rustic is your option . Gazco fireplace inserts will blend with any of them.

Gazco in Skelmersdale manufactures durable fireplaces, stoves and gas inserts that are durable and dependable. They also add warmth to your home with the gas fire. There’s no dirty wood to carry in or endless stoking the timber to keep the fire going. A gas fireplace gives the ambiance and warmth the flip of the switch to ignite the gas jets interspersed with the authentic looking logs. When it’s time to say good night, flip the switch again to turn the gas off, close the flue and you’re done. Contact us and we’ll explain how easy it is for you to own a gas fire by Gazco in any style that appeals to you. With a gas fire you enjoy all the benefits of a fireplace but none o the dirt, ashes or work.

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