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Fireplace in SouthportOur reputable and renowned company specialise in providing a perfect fireplace in Southport and have a wide range of absolutely stunning fireplaces. If you would like to bring back that wonderful traditional feel to your home there are the most exquisite reproduction Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian marble and limestone mantles for fireplaces. These mantles look remarkably authentic and add grace and style to your home. You will feel like a Duchess sitting in front of your wonderfully warm fire.  If you have more modern tastes you may prefer a more minimalist look with a plainer stone, steel or granite fireplace. We have fireplaces to suit every style and if there is nothing available to suit your tastes we can design and install a bespoke fireplace made from any material you choose.  

There is a place in every home for a beautiful and elegant fireplace for warmth or as a statement piece in a room. In Southport, fireplace experts not only offer fireplaces in an astonishing array of designs, materials and colours we also install hole-in-the-wall fireplaces to save space and give your room a truly modern, contemporary feel.  Our wood burning fireplaces or wood burning stoves are also fitted with the necessary flues and ventilations no matter whether you have a chimney or not. Make a statement by having your new unique fireplace become the eye catching focal point of your room to warm your home and stamp your style on your home.

Our business is based in finding the right fireplace in Southport for your home.  Contact The Fireplace Studio today and arrange a visit. We not only offer wood burning fireplaces but also electric and gas fireplaces in the same styles as the wood burners.  Sometimes it is not practical to lug loads of logs to your apartment or flat and storage can be a problem so we have designed electric and gas fireplaces to keep you warm and add that stunning individualistic statement with less fuss and cleaning for you.  You can also have a glass fronted stove or fireplace for energy efficiency. Whichever option you choose the most striking feature of your room will always be the romantic or practical fireplace.

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