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Wood Burning Stoves in SouthportWood burning stoves in Southport have many advantages over gas, electric and LP. The movement to bring wood stoves back to save money, do away with the use of fossil fuels and protect the environment has been quietly growing for at least twenty years. As people, we love wood fires because they appeal to all of our senses. We are soothed by the flickering flames and the warmth. The smell of wood burning brings back pleasant memories; maybe not our own but those we read about in a book or heard from family members. Hauling in a load of wood and starting a fire that warms the room makes us feel like we are personally in charge of our comfort and safety. Ticking up the thermostat does none of those things.

Many of us achieve those warm fuzzies with an open fireplace. But for many in Southport, wood burning stoves make more sense, especially financially. We lose about 25% of generated heat up the chimney of a wood burning stove. However, upwards of 75% of heat is lost with an open fire. It will cost you about 30% more for gas and oil than it will for wood to generate the same amount of heat. Sometimes, you have to burn electricity so you can burn oil or gas. For instance, the automatic igniter and/or the fan. If you live near a source of free wood. and it’s legal to gather it. then you will be saving even more.

Wood burning stoves in Southport are made from newly mined iron ore. You can expect them to last 20 years and maybe more. They are an attractive addition to your decor and your comfort. Wood is carbon neutral so it’s  a smart and environmentally responsible source of heat. There is a little more to starting a fire in a wood burning stove than just turning up the thermostat. However, with practice and the right tools you’ll be able start a wood fire quickly. Contact us or visit our showroom. Let us show you our examples of our attractive but highly functional wood burning stoves. They make a good back up source of heat or like many others, they can be used as your main source of heat.

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