Wood Burning Stoves in Lydiate Offer Many Benefits for Your Home

Log Burning Stoves in Litherland

Woodburning Stoves in LydiateWood burning stoves in Lydiate offer many benefits you don’t always get with other types of fires. If you love the smell of burning wood but you don’t want to watch your money go up in smoke then a wood burning stove might be for you. A wood burning fireplace is nice but inefficient if you want to use it as a source of heat. Most of the heat goes up the chimney and leaves buckets of ash to remove. We have wood burning stoves that are very attractive; charming even. You still get that cosy fire you love but with a lot of practicality. We carry the finest brands. . 

Our wood burning stoves are not just the traditional styles. In Lydiate, wood burning stoves can have a contemporary style as well. They do not necessarily have to be black either although that does seem to be a favourite. You’ll see in our showroom multiple styles and colours. If you have access to a source of free wood, you’ll save a lot of money using a wood stove for heating your home. But even if you have to buy the wood, it’s still cheaper, about 30% cheaper, than oil or gas fuels. For ideal burning, you want seasoned hardwood that has been dried for about 2 years. When you need to buy, choose a source that sells wood from managed forests. Wood is renewable energy that is carbon neutral.

Wood burning stoves in Lydiate are designed to burn long and slow. They burn efficiently and therefore leave less ash. Long and slow burn means you do not have to be feeding the fire frequently to maintain a steady temperature. Our wood stoves burn with 75% efficiency compared to open fires that have as low as 15% efficiency. Don’t worry about missing out on the aesthetics of an open fire. Our wood burning stoves have beautifully designed glass so you can still sit and watch the fire. Contact us for more about our wood burning stoves. Let us tell you about all the styles of wood burning stoves available. You will be amazed, not just by the styles, but the various sizes.

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