Wood Burning Stoves in Burscough, Great for Warmth and Ambience

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Wood Burning Stoves in BurscoughWood burning stoves in Burscough contribute to the ambiance and decor of the room they’re in. However, their efficient function of warming the room is their real purpose and they do that very well. At The Fireplace Studio, we stock clean burning Stovax brand wood stoves. They are manufactured from 100% newly mined iron ore so you get the great finish and the efficiency you want. Wood burners are carbon neutral and the Cleanburn technology allows for maximum heat from your fuel with low amounts of ash. Stovax is meeting the clean emissions standards today that will be required in the future. If you have access to free wood, then you are way ahead of the game economically. Still, even if you buy wood, it’s cheaper than any other fuel choice. 

At The Fireplace Studio, we get feedback from our customers regarding their reasons for choosing a woodburner as a heat source. It seems that in Burscough, wood burning stoves do provide the ambience and low cost heat source they want. However, many really love the feeling of self-sufficiency a wood burner provides. Apparently, it’s a good feeling whenever you can disconnect from the communal pipe even for a little while. If you have a great room floor plan in your home with the kitchen, dining and living areas open to each other, a wood burner could be sufficient to heat those spaces. You can then turn the thermostat way down for bedrooms. 

Of course, if you are going to be living off the grid due to your location, then wood burning stoves in Burscough are the perfect solution. You will be heating your space for about 30% less than if you use gas or oil. Wood burners are closed-door units which operate with 75% efficiency. The clear door window allows for the ambience we all enjoy. Wood burning stoves do not have to be replaced as frequently as a furnace and maybe not ever. If you have questions about wood burning stoves, contact The Fireplace Studio. Our staff is always ready to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make your decision. 

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