Beautiful Fireplaces in Formby Add Warmth and Ambience to Your Home

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Fireplaces in Formby The Fireplace Studio has fireplaces in Formby suitable for almost every home. We have beautiful fireplaces with warmth and ambience for apartment dwellers that are all electric. For your home, with a chimney, we have fireplaces from rustic to elegant that burn real wood. Of course, you can have a gas starter to get the wood going or if you don’t want to bother with wood, use a fabulously realistic gas log. No chimney? No problem! We have ventless gas fires just for you. For our woodsy country homes, we have wood-burning fireplaces and cast iron stoves. You can heat your country house all winter long. You won’t need gas or electric hookups. There is just nothing like coming home to a fireplace in winter.

A fireplace, or even a campfire, has the ability to soothe and relax us; it’s built into our DNA. For people in Formby, fireplaces that are safe are a priority. That’s not much of an issue with electric fireplaces since you have only to plug them in and you can set them to shut off. For everything else, our team of Gas Safe engineers will make sure the installation of your gas or wood fire meets or exceeds every safety standard. We guarantee our work. When we come out to estimate your installation we will advise you of which areas in your home are best suited to fireplace installation. It might not be your first choice. However, safe venting is essential and we can’t compromise on that.

Our showroom is where fireplaces in Formby of every type can be found. There is so much from which to choose but you still have even more options. There is plenty of room for customisation in almost every mantle on display. If you have a design of your own, we can build it for you. Every type of style and decor is represented on our showroom floor. Contact us or pay us a visit and check out our floor samples. We guarantee you’ll be inspired. Of course, we also have all the accessories to help make your fireplace a gorgeous focal point of any room. You will share many happy hours with friends and family around your fireplace.

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