Electric Fires in Lathom, Offering Ambiance, Warmth and Style

Electric Fires in LathomThere’s a big demand for electric fires in Lathom and we have them in stock. Between four and five million families and individuals in the UK live in rental homes of one type or another. They don’t need a fireplace for heat but many would love to have one for ambience. Landlords and ladies do not want fires in their rental units. That’s reasonable especially when insurance companies would charge dearly. Electric fires are beautiful pieces of furniture surrounding an electric heater that looks like a fireplace complete with flickering flames and wood logs. It does not have to be permanently attached to the wall; just plug it in. When you move, take it with you to your new home.

Meanwhile, you have an authentic looking fireplace that puts out heat if you want it. In Lathom, electric fires are used all year round because you can have a beautiful fire without turning on the heat. Maybe you have a couple of hours a few times a week to really unwind and pamper yourself a little. Come home, shed the work clothes and jump into the shower and your jammies. A nice tray of comfort food and a favourite TV show in front of the fire has been your dream all day. Turn your fireplace on with one remote to your desired setting and turn the TV on with the other remote. Turn your phone off. Don’t worry about falling asleep on the couch because you can set the timer on your electric fire to shut off automatically.

Electric fires in Lathom create an ambience that is soul-soothing just as a wood-burning or gas fire does. When the fire is turned off, it’s a lovely piece of furniture that may have bookshelves alongside or decorative mouldings. The top mantle serves to hold your TV or just display a few treasures. Homeowners who don’t want to cut into their walls to run exhausts and pipes and don’t want to carry wood in will enjoy an electric fire. Many homes just do not have an ideal location for a built-in fireplace. Contact us about our electric fires. We think you’ll be impressed with our beautiful selection of mantles in all styles as well as the authentic look and feel of the fire.

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