Fireplace in Blackrod, Create a Focal Point in Any Room

Gas and Wood stoves Southport

fireplace in BlackrodWhen you are in the market for a fireplace in Blackrod, The Fireplace Studio is where you will find the most extensive and diverse selection. We have a fabulous showroom with all types of styles of fireplaces from woodburners, gas fires, electric fireplaces, ventless, and wood burning stoves and more, including accessories. Of the many types of fireplaces, we have styles for every taste preference and decor. When you find the one you want, it can be customised to fit your space. You may be wondering what type of fireplace would best suit your home. Our installation technicians can come to your home and make recommendations based on wall space, chimney location, venting options and evaluate your location choice.

The brands we stock span a broad price range but all are proven safe, reliable and good value for money. For customers in Blackrod, fireplace installations for gas and wood burners will likely require some degree of venting accommodations. All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and the safety of your installation under normal use is guaranteed. We can also help you make the best selection for you. You may have your eye on a large stone wood burning fireplace. They are stunning. However, if you don’t have easy access to seasoned timber and easily accessible storage for it, you need to factor those variables in. If the extra work involved, like hauling in wood, cleaning the grate, hauling out ashes and cleaning up soot is not what you signed on for, choose a gas log fireplace instead of woodburning.

Instead of an open or closed door fireplace in Blackrod for ambiance, you may be more interested in supplementing your central heating. We have wood burning stoves that are so attractive. They are made from cast iron and come in multiple colour choices. These woodburners create ambiance because the door has a window and they really put out heat. You can use wood or pellets and the stoves are designed to burn slowly and hot. We invite you contact us for more information about our fireplaces. Whatever you choose, it will become the focal point of the room and create a natural gathering area. Warmth, comfort, relaxation; all that really is yours with a fireplace from The Fireplace Studio.

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