Gas Stoves in Litherland, the Perfect Way to Warm Your Home

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Gas Stoves in LitherlandThe Fireplace Studio is where you will find gas stoves in Litherland. We carry the best brands and they are beautiful. If you really want something a little different from a fireplace but not a big wood burning stove, you’ll love gas stoves. Besides being beautiful our gas stoves are functional. You will have a toasty warm room with the aesthetic appeal of a fireplace and the clean convenience of a gas fire. There is a style for every taste and that includes ornate cast iron with a full window to the fire. We offer a Stovax model in elegant white cast iron. All of our gas stoves are space saving and you can personalise the look with a choice of mantle, flooring and other accessories. New technology used in our gas stoves ensures energy efficiency and safety.

The glass view is your choice of a wide rectangle, a traditional stove square window and even a sleek round design with side glass windows. In Litherland, gas stoves can be accessorised with authentic looking wood logs or not; it’s up to you. We have many gas stoves of all sizes and styles on display at our showroom. You will be able to comparison shop, not just stoves but all of our fires including wood burners, gas fires and electric. One of them will be a perfect fit in your home. Just to make sure, our installation engineers will survey your home and make recommendations of the best location for venting and the size of your stove based on space. Once you’ve decided, you can count on our Gas Safe engineers to complete a safe installation according to safety standards.

When you purchase gas stoves in Litherland from us you get the benefit of our 25 years of experience in the business. We know the brands, the suppliers and the standard of quality our customers expect. One thing we know our customers want is selection and we have met that demand. Contact us for more details on how we can help. Our fitters service the whole North West of England so we can serve you from planning through to installation. You’ll see many examples of how your gas stove area can be personalised in creative ways. Add your own ideas and create a warm and welcoming gathering place in your home for family and friends.

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