Fireplaces in St Helens, Perfect for Both Cold Nights and Ambiance

Fireplaces in St Helens

Fireplaces in St HelensBrave the cold nights with our energy-efficient fireplaces in St Helens. Fireplaces have been used in the UK for many centuries. Spending time in front of the fireplace has nostalgic memories for many families. Today, the rising cost of energy has limited the use of conventional fireplaces. While wood remains one of the cheapest fuels in the UK, inefficient fireplaces led to significant losses. Yet, with a few modifications, traditional fireplaces can provide you with an excellent heat source for your home. In effect, our modern wood burning stoves convert 75% of their fuel into heat. Wood burning fireplaces are common in countryside homes where firewood is readily available.

If you are not a fan of chopping firewood, you can use our gas or electric fireplaces. In St Helens, our fireplaces are available in several styles and sizes. Our gas and electric fireplaces are ideal for urban areas. The lack of smoke, ash and storage space for firewood increases the attraction of electric and gas fireplaces in urban areas. Our electric and gas fireplaces simulate the appearance of burning wood. They are available in slim styles that you can install on any wall. All our fireplaces satisfy the urban area fire codes for safety. Gas and Electric fireplaces are excellent for people with busy lives. Unlike wood burners, you can light up and put out these fireplaces instantly. As such, electric and gas fireplaces save energy by providing you with heat only when you need it.

If you prefer the traditional fireplaces in St Helens, we can modify yours for energy efficiency. We have a range of freestanding wood burners and gas stoves that we can install in an existing traditional fireplace. Our expert technicians can make the necessary adjustments to ensure the fireplace blends in with your current décor. An energy-efficient fireplace adds value to your home. If you are not sure what type of fireplace to install, contact The Fireplace Studio now. We can guide you through our range of products to find the best-suited fireplace for your home. Our staff will work closely with you to find the fireplace of your dreams.

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