Wood Burning Stoves in Knowsley, Perfect for a Winter’s Evening

Wood Burning Stoves Burscough

Wood Burning Stoves in KnowsleyIf you are looking for elegant wood burning stoves in Knowsley, you have come to the right place. Wood burning stoves have several advantages, especially when compared to open fires. For starters, wood burning stoves have an efficiency of 75% compared to 15% to 20% of open fires. This efficiency means that only 25% of the heat generated by a wood burning stove is lost through the chimney. The rest of the energy is converted into heat for cooking and warming the room. Another advantage is that wood fuel is roughly 30% cheaper than oil and gas in the North West. As such, heating your home with wood burning stoves is very cost-effective.

Apart from the functionality of wood burning stoves, you cannot overlook their aesthetic value. In Knowsley, wood burning stoves create a nostalgic, homely ambience in your living area. The rustic designs of iron stoves are captivating. The stove encourages your family members to gather around the fire and spend quality time in the warmth. If you like classic furniture and themes, you will love our traditional wood burning stoves. Yet, if you prefer modern architecture, we have a range of stylish stoves to match your taste. Our wood burning stoves are environmentally friendly because wood is a carbon-neutral fuel. Also, our stoves burn wood for a long time with minimal ash. 

If you have access to sustainable firewood, you will enjoy our wood burning stoves in Knowsley. We also design and install a variety of traditional wood and contemporary fireplaces for your home. Yet, if you are interested in gas or electric heating, we have a range of stoves and fireplaces for you. As a leading provider of home heating solutions, all our installers are registered with Gas Safe and Hetas. If you are interested in our wood burning stoves, don’t hesitate to contact The Fireplace Studio for more information. We are always available to respond to your queries and guide you through our products. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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