Gas & Wood Burning Stoves


When you visit our showroom make sure you look at our extensive range of wood burning stoves. All are manufactured using the finest freshly mined iron ore which results in a far superior finish. Featuring gas, wood burning and multi-fuel options, our range combines attractive styling with superb practicality.

Some of the benefits of a wood burning stove:

•    Wood burning stoves are far more efficient open fires
•    Timber is typically 30% cheaper than gas and oil
•    Wood burning stoves are environmentally friendly
•    Wood is a carbon neutral fuel
•    Wood burning stoves effectively burn seasoned hardwood
•    Our wood stoves offer long burn times while creating minimal ash

Wood Burning Stove Efficiency.

Wood Burning Stoves operate with 75% efficiency – only 25% of the heat generated by  wood burning stoves is lost up the chimney. In comparison, open fires operate with around 15-20% efficiency; giving the wood burning stove a distinct advantage.

Gas Burning Stoves.

Our range of gas stoves are second to none: featuring well known brand names like Stovax, Gazco, Faber and Chesneys who utilise the latest gas heating technology to give high efficiency gas stove heating.